Legal Status and Finances

We are currently operating as an unincorporated association. Our application to become an incorporated not-for-profit association has been rejected and we are currently appealing that decision to the court. Unfortunately, we do need money to do this, which makes us sad, because we would prefer to use that money to end poverty, cure diseases and live in peace, love with passion, and lower the cost of cable.

We have also applied to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission for charity status.

All our finances are open book, as we believe that all religious institutions should have complete transparency of their financial dealings. A copy of our books can be found below, and will be updated annually.



8 thoughts on “Legal Status and Finances

  1. shane

    I was rejected twice to get my licence photo with our holy headgear in QLD… are we legal? should I sue? Considering suing the individuals who rejected me then if successful the state.

  2. Christopher Parris

    Ahoy matey!
    Well if you need me to rattle my Saber and say AAAAAAAAAAAAH! to help the cause, let me know.
    Been in the ministry since January 15th 2016.
    Number 217-921.
    We need to have an annual meeting with all the pomp and ceremony raise our flag high and drink a hearty toast of rum to the cause.
    Call me “LONG JOHN SALIVA” a spitting image of his father.
    YO! HO! HO! and a bottle of rum.
    alias( Christopher Parris)
    p.s i don’t communicate by Facebook or twitter etc, only by Flags the real way.

  3. The Rev. Spaghetti Marinara

    As a Pastafarian, what is the Church’s view on compulsory voting in Australia? As the Creator of Free Thought, I am certain His Noodliness would be opposed to compulsion in its many forms. His Noodliness allows us the freedom to choose our spaghetti in its many forms and I assume as the Head of the Church he (or she) would also bless us with the the right to elect in – or out – of compulsory voting. This is important as the various Electoral Acts which govern non-believers in Australia allow citizens the right NOT to vote, based on ‘religious beliefs’. As I DO NOT vote for any politician who does not profess to be a Pastafarian, I seek the Church’s clarification on this matter in the event that the various Australian Offices of Voting Compulsion ask why I refuse to vote. I look forward to an answer.


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