Our religion, Pastafarianism, was founded on the basis of equality, and it is a major component in the teachings of our beliefs. Everyone is welcome in our Church, and we believe that all humans should be afforded the same opportunities and rights as any others have.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia strongly supports marriage equality. All consenting adults should be able to marry the consenting adult partner of their choice, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Australian society should show equal basic respect for all its members and supporting marriage equality is about respecting the inherent human dignity and rights of all people.

Australian Marriage Equality

Presently, in Australia, ordained Pastafarian Ministers are unable to perform wedding ceremonies that will be legally recognised. This is due to the requirements of the Marriage Act. We are endeavouring to rectify this situation.

However, we do know of one Pastafarian who is also a Marriage Celebrant! Trude can give you a legal, Pastafarian style, wedding. Please see her Trude Wedding Celebrant FaceBook Page for details.