On 2017. Happy New Year!

A New Year’s message from the Captain, on behalf of the crew of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia.

Happy New Year! A look back on 2017.

Dear everyone,

As 2017 ends and we are about to welcome in the new year it is traditional for leaders of religion to put forward their thoughts. Here are mine.

Here at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia we would like to state that we thought 2017 was, overall, a pretty good year. Yeah, we know! There were some rather awful things occurring, such as poverty increasing, senseless violence, discrimination, extremes of weather, grumblings of war and extraordinary displays of egotism and selfishness. Not to mention all those pointless and ridiculous arguments on the internet people seem to have made their cherished hobby! Stop feeding the trolls and be one good people! It was a great year for satire; as long as you were able to tell the difference between a satirical report and an actual one. It was so hard to tell sometimes!

However, there were far more acts of love, caring and kindness! For every bad thing that got coverage, there were thousands of wonderful things occurring that did not make the news. Science brought us many breakthroughs, often in medicine, to help people live better lives. When people were in need other people selflessly stood up and helped them. In 2017, we saw the slow march of progress continue towards a global understanding of a need for protecting basic human rights and having an equal intrinsic worth.

Despite the contentious, and sometimes ugly, marriage equality postal survey, we were overjoyed when the majority of Australians showed that they backed equality for everyone. We were equally overjoyed when Australian politicians showed that they would listen to the will of the people and passed the legislation necessary to make marriage equality a reality, without adding any intrinsic discrimination into the legislation.

The census showed that more and more people are turning away from the ‘traditional’ religious institutions that are no longer relevant to the lives of Australians. It’s almost as if people have finally realised that to be kind, loving and caring of your fellow human is actually the antithesis of some religious organisations! At the same time, people have turned to Pastafarianism in their thousands! The census revealed that there is potentially over 100,000 Pastafarians in Australia. This would make us the fastest growing religion in Australia! And quite possibly the world!

In 2018 we will continue our message of love, kindness, fairness, equality and upholding basic human rights as we hopefully gain another 100,000 Australians who will follow the Noodly path for the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We will continue to share our constant celebration of life, eating, drinking, and ability to laugh at ourselves, to have fun and to still be good people, who genuinely love and care for every sentient being in the universe. We hope all will share in our system of ethics that states how to live your life in a happy manner without infringing upon others’ rights to do the same with their own lives. This morality is based on harmonious co-existence, and non-judgemental conduct.

We will continue to spread Noodliness throughout Australia by feeding the hungry. We will continue to feed all people, of any race, creed, religion, colour, orientation, nationality or home planet, who come and desire a meal or two. We hope that as our pasta fills their stomachs, our love and acceptance of all that is good will feed their souls!


Captain Tanya Watkins

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia