Would you like to become a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia? Membership is free.

If you would just like to register as a member please fill in the form below.

98 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Jason Sherman

    Me buckos we won’t murder someone fer drawin’ cartoons that make a ruckas ‘o our god. Aaargh can anyone be tellin’ me what kind ‘o kookoo bananas religion does that?

  2. Jason Williams

    Tired of all those relative’s praying for your soul? Want to piss them off and have a laugh in the process? Become a Pastafarian now!

    1. Pauline Dunn

      I really hope so as prayers have got me nowhere so far, do I have to pray to his holiness and kiss his noodley? appendages I have followed him for years and read the letter where he made himself known to the world

  3. Troy

    I sit here drink and celebrating the teaching of FSM after thinking for several years my conversion from Jedi was in vane…

  4. Ross

    I thought I was already a member ! Pastayoureyes,
    trained social workers for schools, no discrimination against fastafarians

  5. Paul

    I used to feel guilt ridden if I ever mixed linguini and spaghetti together, so as not to waste pasta…. Now I know extra parmesan atones for this, I can sleep better at night…

  6. Brad

    I just ate a huge bowl of fettucini cabonara at midnight while signing up to the church. May his noodly appendage not stick too badly to my shirt front… R’amen!

  7. Paul

    I was lost an searching for the meaning of life when I got caught up with the evil Rigatoni cult. I managed to escape their evil clutches and have since see the light. I wish to immerse myself in the truth and light which I now know to be the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…. My soul need redemption……

  8. Peter Brabyn

    This church will nicely compliment the other churches I’m a member of.
    I’m sure to get on the eternal pirate ship/ into heaven/ reborn as a sex god now!!!

  9. Bob Anderson

    I think I will move to Australia – just to be closer to such clear thinkers. Also, you have cool actors. And you seem to have more fun.

  10. Marc Barnbaum

    When asked if I would invite Jesus into my home my first thought (and reply) was .. sure … if he has a time machine!

  11. Rev. Trevor Cope

    All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    His wisdom is infinite,his sauce,sublime,his meatballs are more tender than mortal man can describe. Grovel before his Intergalactic Bowl. Fear The Great Napkin Of Cleansing. Stand open mouthed in awe of The Mighty Fork Of Destiny.
    Let us pray…
    Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster you are so great and we are no more than the placemat beneath your bowl. Spill your sauce upon us that we may be blessed with your juices. Wipe clean our sins with The Great Napkin so that we do not stain your infinite red checked tablecloth. Drop us a meatball from your Mighty Fork so that we may know that you favour us above all others and keep the Scientologists and the Westboro Baptist Church members from our doors because those guys are batshit crazy!
    In the name of The Spaghetti , The Sauce and The Meatball,

    (Congregation murmurs)
    Red wine with meat sauce,white wine with fish.

  12. General Disarray.

    May the Lord be Reheated in Eternal Perpetuity.
    May He never go Cold.
    May He taste even better the Next Day.
    May His taste not grow Wearisome.
    May His Sauce not become furry.

  13. John Timar

    The Calling of the Spaghetti Monster calls to me in my dreams. I must answer and obey.
    Ohhhh Command me Spaghetti Monster!!


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